Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review: The Joy 'Fit Club by Joy Bauer #bookreview

From the Book: Joy Bauer, the long-time on-air diet and nutrition expert for the "Today" show, regularly tells the personal stories of people who have lost 100 pounds or more using her weight-loss plan. Joy's diet plan not only works, it "really" works. Now, you can take the Joy Fit challenge and use these delicious, bountiful recipes and meal plans at home to start losing weight today. "The Joy Fit Club" is the one tool you'll need to succeed Featuring more than 75 recipes, detailed meal plans, and motivational before-and-after photographs of real people, anyone who loves the Joy Fit Club and these inspiring stories of personal triumph will love this book.

Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and InspirationJoy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration by Joy Bauer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My Review: This was a excellent inspirational book. As someone who needs to lose quite a bit of weight, it was inspiring to read stories from those who been there. Each "chapter" is a story about an individual who lost a significant amount of weight. There were tips to discuss what they did, what they would encourage others to do and they also included recipes for the reader to try. I'm looking forward trying a few myself. The before and after pictures were an even greater inspirational tool.

Reading this book made it click for me and I have successfully began my weight loss journey (without surgery!) I realize it's not eliminating the foods I love to eat, but managing portion sizes and adding healthier options as well as adding movement to my day.  In essence, I have to do what works for me! After two weeks I'm already feeling so much better and look forward to reaching my weight loss goals!! 

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