Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Women of Faith Imagine! #wofimagine

Well it's been over a month but it's still fresh in my mind!

On September 9th and 10th, I had the pleasure of attending the Women of Faith Imagine! conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My friend Lisa and I decided to attend both days.  This was my first Women of Faith event and it was AMAZING!! 

Throughout the weekend, these men and women, encouraged us, educated us, cried with us and helped us find restoration in Jesus Christ.  We heard from Henry Cloud (funny and serious), Sheila Walsh (amazing!), Angie Smith (so sweet!), Lisa Harper (tough!), Luci Swindoll (no nonsense but a softy!), Nicole Johnson (funny, sweet, honest!).  They each dug down so deep and shared with us.  This encouraged me, because a lot of times I feel like I'm alone in a situation, but I'm not.  Jesus never leaves me, even when I feel like I'm alone!

Dr. Henry Cloud
Sheila Walsh
Throughout the weekend, we were given scriptures and stories that allowed us to see that these strong women and men of God are just like us.  Broken, betrayed hurt!  We're all sinners and we all need Jesus!

Nicole Johnson did some amazing skits, I just can't even describe to you how wonderful they were!  Each one had a message, some funny and some very serious.  But when she spoke my heart broke for her and with her.  Yet she stood professing her faith in God in a strong voice.  Just amazing!  Each woman shared from her heart, their time of loss, their time of betrayal and their time of fear.  Even through it all, God restored them and brought them to NEW heights.    I felt restored when I left this conference.

It was exciting to see Mary Mary, Natalie Grant and the hilarious comedian Tim Hawkins (really, he had us hysterical!).  The entertainers we had were truly anointed.  The Worship team was amazing too!  There is so much to say but I really can't describe it in words, you really have to experience it for yourself.

What was my favorite part?  I love music so Natalie Grant and Mary Mary were amazing to me!  After that it was a tie between Tim Hawkins and Nicole Johnson!  But believe me when I say EVERYONE was Great!!   I can't wait until NEXT YEAR!!

Disclaimer: I was provided tickets as a Booksneeze Blogger to attend the events and share my thoughts!  I shared on Facebook and Twitter while I was at the event and on my blog now! 

Love and Blessings!