Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Oh darn, I'm late again aren't I???

Oh well, I still have to share with you what a wonderful Independence Day holiday it was for us!

The Friday before the 4th, our Girl Scout Leader emailed and said she was planning to attend the Independence Day celebration in front of our Borough Hall. It was at 8:30 am... yeah, well maybe we might see you there.. Uhm hmmm, sure! Well I had ever intention of "forgetting" and sleeping in. Well unfortunately fortunately my daughter's built in alarm clock went off and at 8 am she decided she wanted to go.  My response was BUT I'M SLEEPING!  But in the end, the educational experience won out.  So after a very quick shower and tossing on the clothes nearest to the bed neatly folded on my shelf, we made our way to the borough hall. 

The ceremony involves the Declaration of Independence being delivered to "Thomas Jefferson" aka Mr. Higgins (bet you didn't know that piece of history!).  Our "horse" was actually a HOG! LOL!  A member of the Blue Knights motorcycle club delivered the document to Mr. Jefferson.

Once Mr. Jefferson had the document in hand, he approached the podium and began reading the Declaration. 

One by one citizens from the community read a line.  My daughter was number 28.  She did a fantastic job, even on the "big" words!:

After the individual readers finished, the community read the final paragraph together:

Then the names of the signers were read by state, and the bell rung each time a new state was mentioned.  At the end of the ceremony, the bell rung thirteen times and a replica of the original flag was raised!

The whole ceremony was so moving and meaninful!  At one time, certain peoples were excluded from that Declaration.  What we experienced that day was the true meaning of the Declaration, everyone, treated equally and experiencing FREEDOM.   I was so glad that I dragged my behind out of bed to attend and I was so proud of my daughter for volunteering to read and doing such a wonderful job too!  And I was proud of my community for the awesome turn out!

To top it off, my daughter made the FRONT page of our local newspaper!!!  Now that was VERY exciting! 

I hope your Independence Day was as wonderful as ours!

Love and Blessings!