Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Review: Waiting For Morning

Waiting for Morning (Forever Faithful Series #1)Waiting for Morning by Karen Kingsbury

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the descriptions:

Hannah Ryan is the mother of two adorable little girls and the wife of a doting husband. Her life is perfect -- until the night her husband and eldest daughter are ripped away from her by a drunken driver. Torn by grief and rage, Hannah finds her faith -- like that of Jeremiah weeping over Jerusalem -- tested to the limits. As she walks the long road of her own modern-day Lamentations, she must learn to forgive... and finally discover that God's mercies truly are new every morning. Sometimes the road home is only found by letting go.

My review: 

Hannah Ryan is placed in a position that would cause many of us to "lose" our faith, to get angry with God...  And she does for a time.  But this is also a story of redemption, forgiveness and the love of Christ! Karen Kingsbury once again allows us to reach into the depths of our soul and draw out those "deep down" feelings.  How would I react if I was in this situation?  Would I be able to forgive?  Would I be able to continue with life?  Hannah Ryan had to face all of these questions and help her surviving daughter in the process.

I really cannot find all of the words I need to say how great this book was. As always, I found myself crying along with the characters, trying to place myself in their shoes while praying I never have to.  I found myself wondering if I would reject my faith, or is it "strong enough" to go through a tragedy like this.  What I love most about Karen's book is that you can't just read them and not make a decision about your faith and where you want it to be!  Highly recommend this book!

Disclaimer: This ebook was provided to me by the Waterbrook Multnomah Blogging for books program for the purpose of review.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own!

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