Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Truth About Butterflies: A MemoirThe Truth About Butterflies: A Memoir by Nancy Stephan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the "book jacket:"

They belong to each other. Nancy and Nicole—mother and daughter. They’re two halves of a whole, two facets of the same breath—until the day Nicole exhales. . . and never inhales again.

After the death of her daughter, and quickly losing her own battle with grief, Nancy moves from the house she can no longer bear to live in. While packing, she finds a box in the attic. Inside she uncovers treasures she didn’t know existed and evidence that she and her daughter’s lives had been more divinely entwined than she could’ve imagined.

The Truth About Butterflies is a true story of grief, hope, and transformation, and a single enduring truth: Life cannot be restrained by death

My review:
The Truth about Butterflies is a heartfelt story of a mother and daughter, a story of life's challenges and a story of loss.  I couldn't imagine the pain of losing a child.  But Nancy shares the joy of raising her only precious daughter... and of losing her, first to her daughter's rebellion, then to death.  My emotions were up and down throughout the book.  I felt the joy when Nicole was born, I felt the pain when Nicole was "lost," I felt the sadness when Nicole took her last breath. 

Nancy told her story with painful openness and honesty.  She didn't withhold the things Nicole did to herself during her "lost" period or the pain of seeing her laying on the hospital bed not knowing if she could hear her. I love this in a memoir because it allows you to connect with the emotions of the author.  I highly recommend this book for any audience!

Disclaimer:  Nancy provided me with a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.  The opinions are 100% my own!

Love and Blessings!

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