Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bring the Rain!

It's a rainy day here today.  After a pretty much nonexistent winter, and some very mild days after that, I think we got a little spoiled! Many are complaining about the weather today but me, I thank God for the rain.  We need it to nourish the plants and grass and all types of growing things.  We need it to fill our reservoirs.  We need it to remember how blessed we are when the sunny days come and the flowers bloom and the reservoirs are full!

It's the same with our souls.  If God only gave us sunny days, we wouldn't appreciate them.  Our souls will get "spoiled." So every now and then, God brings us a little rain!  We don't need to panic when it rains.  We just need to know that God is watering our areas that need to grow, that He's refilling our spiritual reservoirs, that He's reminding us of the sunny days that will come again. 

I love this song by Mercy Me that describes the way I feel about the rain:

If it's raining where you are, I hope you can learn to find JOY in the rain as much as the sunny days!

Love and Blessings Always!