Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have Sensitive Skin! #bMSkincare

Since the time I was in my preteens, I found out that my skin reacted to cosmetics in weird ways!  I get black marks on my otherwise smooth skin, I get dry rough patches and sometimes I would get this small breakout if there was something that didn't agree with my skin.  So I've been VERY careful about what I use.  Most of the time it was just water.

As I aged, I found that I needed something more than water to keep my skin happy.  I tried several major brands of cosmetics both available in stores and through direct sales.  While I had some good results, nothing seemed to provide the right combination.  So I resorted to just using cleansing cloths to wash my face and that's it.  But now I'm facing the same problem.  It's not quite enough!

So when BareEscentuals approached me about trying their bareMinerals line, I visited their website and thought maybe this is what I need.  Something doesn't have many of the impurities in cosmetics today:

RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex

This proprietary complex in our skincare line is composed of the Earth's most natural, effective and mineral-abundant soil containing a comprehensive blend of beneficial macro and micro minerals that exist in nature. When extracted through a unique method, these minerals yield a densely rich, efficacious concentrate clinically proven to deliver faster cell turnover, noticeably smaller pores, increased luminosity and softer, smooth, younger-looking skin.

Healthy Ingredients

There are no synthetic fragrances, no artificial oils and no parabens within bMskincare.

It seems to be just enough to address the problems I'm having without overwhelming my skin!

I think I would like to try the deep cleansing foam and the Purely Nourishing Moisturizer to see how they work with my skin.  If the basics work well then I'll try the Blemish Therapy treatment to deal with the annoying black patches on my skin!

So if you had the opportunity to try the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals line, which would you choose?

Disclaimer: Please note, this is not a giveaway and I was not provided any compensation/product for this post.  I may have the opportunity to try this line in the future and provide a review. 

Love and Blessings!