Monday, July 23, 2012

Cute dolls on Zulily today!

I don't know if I mentioned it here but I am a doll collector!  It is such a relaxing hobby and I enjoy getting my "children" ready for the holidays and special occasions!  So whenever I see dollies at a good price, I just have to share! 

Check out these adorable dolls on Zulily (you need to be a member to see but it's free to sign up).  They are slightly larger than the American Girl dolls and not quite as expensive! The outfits are really cute and reasonable as far as doll clothes go! But it appears that these dolls can also fit the 18" doll clothes.  I love that each doll comes with a little book!

Bella is my favorite:

Take a look and tell me who your favorite is! 

I am not affiliated with Zulily, however if you join and make a purchase I will receive a credit (as will you when your friends join!).

Love and Blessings Always!