Sunday, July 1, 2012

Living Life, Loving Life

Sometimes you have a plan and it doesn't quite work out like you expected.  This week I had about 5 posts planned but didn't get the chance to write them!  Hubby went in for a minor surgery and ended up with pneumonia!  But fortunately he is on the mend!  God is so good!

I'm glad too because today is our 23rd anniversary!!!  There have been many challenges along the way but God has truly blessed our marriage and I am grateful.  Here we are on our wedding day:

While it was so many years ago, I still get butterflies in my tummy when I see him!  We still hold hands in public (much to my daughter's embarrassment!), we still tell each other "I Love You" each time we speak.  These are the things that get us through the difficult times, these are the things that remind us to have each other's backs!

So with that thought I'll share with you this youtube video of the song that was OUR song! Always by Atlantic Starr, ENJOY!!

 Love and Blessings Always!