Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Jacob's Daughter

Jacob's Daughter Jacob's Daughter by Samantha Jillian Bayarr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Cover
Twenty-eight-year-old Lizzie Barlow is running from her past and present mistakes. Not knowing which direction to go, she finds herself hiding out in the same Amish community in which she grew up. With her ten-year-old daughter Abby, in tow, she fears her secrets will catch up to her.

When Abby discovers her real father may be living just down the road from where they are staying, she sets off on an adventure to meet him. What she doesn't know are the many secrets that her mother never shared with her--the same secrets that will turn her life upside down.

Jacob Yoder is an Amish widower, trying to raise his ten-year-old son, when his past shows up on his doorstep unexpectedly, threatening to change his life forever.

Will life ever be the same for Lizzie and Jacob again? Or will their mistakes change everything?

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. I love Amish stories but I haven't seen many where a person has left and come back. Lizzie was a character with a lot of depth and it was interesting to see her develop throughout the story. I loved how the author wove Abby into the story and how she adjusted to "Amish life" after being born and brought up in the English world. The story has some twists but overall is heartwarming and lovely.

From a Christian Perspective
The Amish are very strong in faith and also in tradition.  When Lizzie found herself in a predicament after her return, her lies put her and Jacob in a very difficult position. However God uses our messes for his miracles (Romans 8:28).  In this case he used the mess Lizzie created to showcase how a beautiful relationship can be built once we abide by His law.  I loved that the families blended so well together, a true family.  And I love God's sense of humor with the little surprise! 

This was a book from my personal Kindle Collection.

Love and Blessings!

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