Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review: Olive Branches Don't Grow On Trees

Olive Branches Don't Grow On Trees Olive Branches Don't Grow On Trees by Grace Mattioli
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Olive Branches Don't Grow On Trees

Book Description
Silvia Greco's family is anything but peaceful and hasn't been together in over six years. But when her brother graduates high school, Silvia is drafted into helping her mother organize a family gathering and welcomes the challenge. In her journey to make peace in her quirky, feuding family, she learns that peace isn't something that's freely existing but something that needs to be cultivated. In other words, she learns that olive branches don't grow on trees.

My Review
I really tried to like this book but unfortunately it really didn't do much for me. It was written well (as far as grammar and such), the characters were defined well and the settings were described well. It reminded me of someone's memoir or biography.  But it was boring, I didn't find much story. It was more like sitting with an acquaintance and listening to her telling me everything that had happened in her life since the last time we met. At times the story just rambled on and I was trying to understand the point. Silvia, the main character, was trying to find herself and understand herself. I got that much out of it. But it was so convoluted and there didn't really seem to be a conclusion to the story. It just ended with the family dinner. I'm sure I missed some deeper meaning but for me, it wasn't worth searching for in this book.

From a Christian Perspective
I have to admit, this book was somewhat disappointing.  I should have known from the description!! I don't agree that peace is cultivated.  I believe peach comes from the Lord which allows you to see the good in others even when you are upset or angry with them.  Silvia was trying to fix things under her own strength which wasn't really working. If only she had turned to Jesus!  Jesus can fix anything.  I also was sad about the lack of hope that run throughout the book.  I think an element of faith and prayer would have mad a huge difference in this book! 

This was a book from my personal Kindle collection.

Love and Blessings!

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