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Saving Hope by Margaret Daley

Saving HopeSaving Hope by Margaret Daley

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Saving Hope

Book Description
When a teenager goes missing from the Beacon of Hope School, Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan and school director Kate Winslow are forced into a dangerous struggle against a human trafficking organization. But the battle brings dire consequences as Wyatt's daughter is terrorized and Kate is kidnapped.

Now it's personal, and Wyatt finds both his faith and investigative skills challenged as he fights to discover the mastermind behind the ring before evil destroys everyone he loves.

My Review
This is the first book in the Men of the Texas Rangers series and I thought it was fantastic! This thriller had just the right amount of suspense and danger to make it interesting. Kate runs a refuge for girls who had been victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. She helps the girls overcome their past by giving them a safe house and a way to reestablish their future. When one of the girls goes missing and is found dead, it seems like Beacon of Hope is under attack. The Texas Rangers become involved and that's when Kate meets Wyatt. While the focus is on recovering the missing girls, there's no question that sparks are flying between the two. When Wyatt's daughter is targeted, then it becomes more critical to find who is behind this sex trafficking ring. As the stories climaxes, it was hard to wait to read the next page!! Definitely recommending this as a great read!

One thing I thought was very important was the need to make sure our young girls know, everyone the meet is not always who they appear to be. Your guard must always be up and you must trust the instincts that God gave you! While this was fiction, the situation was very real and we hear about young girls going missing every day. I think it was smart of the author to weave that into the story. I would have loved to see information for young girls to reach out if they are in a dangerous situation.

From a Christian Perspective
This book was classified as a thriller, but there was a strong Christian theme running throughout.  Kate was obviously a Christian and through her home, she taught the girls the principles of faith.  It was encouraging to see that even in doubt, Rose knew to call out to the Lord (Psalm 116:4)!!  In one passage there was the reminder that the Lord is always with you "When the Lord is with you every step, you can do what you have to do." This is clearly gave Rose the strength she needed to face challenges.  I appreciate that the author was able to keep the thriller element while adding faith in there as well.  Even Wyatt, his daughter and mother were not unaffected by the demonstration of faith.  To me this made the read even more worth it!

This is a book from my private Kindle collection.

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