Monday, May 14, 2012

CLOSED: More Cheerios for Me! #myblogspark #giveaway

Do you love Cheerios as much as I do?  

If you love Cheerios as much as I do, then you know MORE is BETTER!  That's why I'm so excited to share with you the new packaging from Cheerios.

Package Benefits for You

Smarter than your average box, the Cheerios® new 2 box package format now contains two individual boxes of Cheerios® cereal, making them easier to store and easier to pour. By reducing the amount of air in each individual bag, these enhanced containers fit 10% more cereal than before and use less packaging.


I often shop at Costco or Sam's Wholesale (also available at BJ's) to stock up on items that my family goes through quickly.  Cereal is one of the things we go through quickly which is why bulk shoppers like me prefer to buy the bigger packages of cereal to prevent more trips to the store. The new Cheerios packaging not only saves me time, but it saves me money too!   Now it's easy for me to leave one box at home and take one box to keep at work. 

If a more convenient design isn't enough, the iconic yellow box has gone green, environmentally that is! The new 2 box Cheerios® 40.7oz package is better for the environment than the previous 37oz item as it uses:
  • Less air – the new 2 compact boxes combined fit more cereal than the previous package!
  • Less material – packaging material has been reduced by over 200,000 lbs of paperboard, and saves 1,000 trees per year!
  • Fewer trucks –more boxes fit on each truck, which takes 130 trucks off the road each year and reduces CO2 emissions!

Lower shipping costs + lower packaging cost + more volume = savings for us!

Are you a Cheerios family too?  Would you like to win a Prize Pack from General Mills & Myblogspark?

Leave a comment below telling me how the new two box packaging will benefit you and your family and you could win the prize pack pictured above!  Only entries from followers of this blog will be accepted.

Ends on Monday 5/21.

"Disclosure:  Cheerios® cereal, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark."

Love and Blessings Always!