Friday, January 22, 2010

Proud Parent Moment

Oh I just have to share this!! My son made me so proud the other day!! He's a high school sophomore and he takes French as his World Language. He loves the class and really enjoys speaking the language.

The other day, his teacher pulled him aside (I admit, when my son told me this, I got a little worried!).

The teacher told my son B, that he really appreciates having him in the class. He said he notices how the other children look to him as a leader and that he appreciates that he sets a good example. He also told him that out of all of the students he's had, even at the (IVY LEAGUE) college level, that my son is one of the most intelligent and mature! Woohoo! You go B!!

I'm so thankful that this teacher took the time to share this with him, it's important to the kids to know this!

Thanks for reading and woohooing with me!!

Love and Blessings!