Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Big Apple Circus Part II

Wow!  I guess I really enjoyed the circus I had to make two posts! LOL!  *The Tickets were provided to us by the Big Apple Circus so that we could attend and provide an honest review* 

What I wanted to share in my last post was this blurb from the Big Apple Circus website:

Our mission is to invigorate the communities we serve with the joy and wonder of classical circus through a unique shared experience we create in our tent and through dedicated outreach programs in healthcare facilities and the community.

The Big Apple Circus achieved this objective and more.  It was affordable, fun, and we did not take our eyes off the ring!  The Big Apple Circus does a lot for the communities it serves.  You can find more about them at the main website:

The star of the show was of course Bello the Clown. He was Amazing! It seemed like he could do everything, the acrobatics, the humor, just everything! He made us laugh a lot but we also gasped a lot at his antics!

Grandma was a cutie, she did one little skit where she was a popular young singer and she did her moves and everything, it was SO funny!!

The wheel guy had us sitting on the edge of our seat!  He did some extraordinary feats and I covered my eyes a few time!  Like when he was jumping rope on TOP OF THE MOVING WHEEL!

The Asian Acrobats were excellent and were SO limber!  After they finished their act, Bello did a mock version, again it was hilarious!

There were not a lot of animals.  There were horses:

And also dogs (didn't get good pics of them). I like that the dogs were all rescued dogs from around the country.  They were so cute!  There were also trapeze artists, they were nice but not as fun as the clowns and other acts.  The ringmaster was new and he did a very good job as well!

Goodness, I tried to make this shorter but I really could go on and on I took over 200 pictures! LOL!  If you are in the vicinity of NYC, please please please try to go see this circus, the two hours will go by so fast you won't even notice!!  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Love and Blessings,