Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Big Apple Circus!!

I've been trying to write this post for a few days now and finally here it is!!

On Wednesday 10/28, my husband, daughter and myself had the opportunity to go to the Big Apple Circus which was at Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center. *The Tickets were provided to us by the Big Apple Circus so that we could attend and provide an honest review*

To start our journey, we took the train into NYC which always thrills my daughter. Her and her dad were up to their usual antics on the train... SO EMBARRASSING!!
Once we arrived, we took a cab from Penn station to Lincoln Center. Cab fare was about $10 each way which I didn't think was too bad. When we arrived the circus tent, we took a picture with Grandma (the clown). Grandma was very friendly and we loved meeting "her" We didn't purchase the picture so I can't share that with you but I will have pictures of Grandma in this post or the next.

Once inside I was amazed at how clean and organized everything was. Granted it was a Wednesday night but it was so pretty and coordinated. The ladies will appreciate this. The bathrooms were a trailer with actual STALLS and SEAT COVERS!! And they were so so clean! There were some port a potties but you didn't have to use them. Also, there was potpourri sprinkled around the outside of the trailer bathroom and the port a potties. Not only was it pretty, it smelled good too! OK, OK, enough about the bathrooms (even though they were so nice!!).

We found our seats which were fourth row ringside. We were on the right side of the ring. I have to say MOST of the seats were good seats. A few were behind poles so I'm pretty sure those people did not have a good view. The other thing I was concerned about was the type of seats. I don't do theater seats as I am very large. These seats did not have armrest (+1 point!) and they were very comfortable (+5 cajillion points). Here we are under the big tent... aren't we cute! LOL! And yes my daughter already has cotton candy all over her face!!

After we sat down my husband decided we needed a snack (other than my daughter's cotton candy). I asked for a pretzel and he got one as well. They were absolutely the best pretzels I have ever had! They were soft and delicious and definitely fresh! I could have eaten 10!! LOL! (for the record, I only ate ONE... but I wanted 10!!!) I didn't take a picture of the pretzel, it was gone to fast, but you can see a piece of the one my daughter shared with hubby here:

He also got a hot dog and the bun did NOT crack apart!! It was nice and soft and the hot dog was the right color. That tasted yummy too. I do NOT like circus or carnival food but I would eat at the Big Apple Circus anytime! The food prices were very reasonable as well.

Now on with the show!! It opened with fanfare and bright colors as a circus should! The costumes were nice and the performers were engaging. They had us smiling from the beginning!

Hope you are liking our trip so far, I'll be back late to post more!

Love and Blessings,