Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Conversations in the Car #3 That Song

You know the song... the one that hits you in the deepest parts of your soul... every time you hear it! One of the songs that really speaks to me is Better than a Hallelujah sung by Amy Grant. She heard this song and it touched her so deeply that she had to record it. I found her podcast explaining her feelings when she heard it.

 Anyway here is a Youtube video of the song:

There IS a point to me sharing this. I think children have a much more deeper understanding of spiritual things than we give them credit for. I had this conversation with my 9 year old daughter when she heard this song.

M: Momma?
Me: Yes?
M: Why are those things better than a Hallelujah? (She knows that in our faith, Hallelujah is the highest form of praise/worship when we speak to God)
Me: Well it means when we are sad and we cry out to God to help us, He likes that
M: OHHHHH! So you mean when I'm mad or sad I can ask God to help me be happy again!
Me: Exactly sweetie, that makes God happy because He knows that we know that He can fix anything that is wrong.
M: I really like this song!
Me: Me too!

Love & Blessings!