Tuesday, May 11, 2010

He's a Star!

I don't know if I mentioned this here but my sixteen year old son B attends a performing arts program at one of our district High Schools. B is a sophomore in the program and one of the activities he participates in is Chorus. The Chorus is made up of FPAC students (his program) and students from the mainstream who want to participate.

Last night was the Spring Chorus concert and boy were they GREAT!  They performed about 16 songs but it wasn't a long concert (admit it, you know how school concerts can be!!).  I loved the song choices and I was dancing in my seat the whole time!  What I didn't know is that my son had a little surprise for me!!  The Men's Ensemble sang "Kiss Him Goodbye" and my son had a SOLO!!!  Well OK, it wasn't really a solo... ok, not a solo at all.  But he did get to sing "Yeah" and "C'mon NOW!" during the song!  And he was DANCING TOO!!!  I tell you, look for his name in lights one day! This is the only video I can find and you can't see him because the chorus director is in front of him. But enjoy anyway (and listen for my son towards the end!)

Love and Blessings!