Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CLOSED! Sugar Free Ring Pop Review & Giveaway

Winner is mami2jcn! Congrats!!

Hello everyone,

I'm finally doing a giveaway! Yaay!

We were contacted and asked review the new  Sugar Free Ring Pops and do a review. I said YUM!  Actually I said, Sure, but can I try them first! LOL!

My daughter was at school when the Ring Pops arrived so I volunteered forced myself to try the candy first.  I tried the Blue Raspberry and it was actually pretty good!  I have always loved Ring Pops but the sticky sweetness would always make me gag.  The Sugar Free Ring Pop has a different taste but it was good.

Now I have Mommy taste buds, so I had to have the expert on Ring Pops test it.  So I handed it to her when she got home from school.  I just said here, have a Ring Pop.  Of course she was wondering why I was giving her candy since I usually limit it!  Then she read the package, OH I CAN HAVE THIS BECAUSE IT'S SUGAR FREE!  BUSTED!!  She chose the Strawberry one and guess what?  She LOVED it!!!  Yaay! Score one for Mom!!

The people at American Pop Digital had this to say about the Sugar Free Ring Pop:

Parents can now feel even better about giving Ring Pop to their kids because Sugar Free Ring Pop won’t cause cavities, has no fat, and has only 30 calories per great-tasting, long-lasting pop! Sugar Free Ring Pop is the perfect treat and comes in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry!

Look for Sugar Free Ring Pop at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. 

The almost perfect candy if you ask me!! 

So now, I have something for your!  American Pop Digital sent me the Sugar Free Ring Pops to try but they also sent me a pack to give away to you!  How about that!   I just have two simple rules!

1.  Leave a comment here to tell me which of the three flavors you think you would like best:

Blue Raspberrty (YUM!)

2.  Tell your friends so they can come enter too!

The giveaway will end on May 23, 2010 and I will pick a random winner on May 24th!

As mentioned above, I was sent one package of Sugar Free Ring Pops to try so I could provide an honest review.

Love and Blessings,