Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Top 10 Affordable Vacation Ideas

Summer is approaching and it's time for fun getaways!! Twitter Moms challenged us to share some Affordable vacation ideas with YOU our readers. You can see the Twitter Mom post here.

I love to travel and so does my family.  Money is a bit tight this year so here are some ways we are saving.

1.  My son plays traveling basketball.  A great way for us to save money is to make the tournament destination our vacation spot.  We get a group rate on rooms so we save there.  We pack a cooler with goodies so we also save on eating out!

2. Many times we will drive to our destination rather than flying. This extends our vacation time by a few days and we get to see new places. It's less costlier than flying and we can bring our own food and snacks.

3. My kids love to go camping. For an inexpensive "vacation," hubby will take them and camp out at our local campgrounds. They love sleeping in a tent and cooking over an outdoor fire or grill.

4. Instead of buying a new vacation wardrobe, repurpose what you have and/or hit the consignment stores. There are great bargains out there and it leaves you more money to spend on your trip.

5. Save your gift cards!! Places like Target give you gift cards for shopping special deals in their store. You can use these gift cards to shop or buy souvenirs once you get to your destination. Target and Walmart in tourist destinations carry many of the same souvenirs you will find in the amusement parks or other tourist locations. They are much less expensive and what kid would not love getting a gift card to buy souvenirs!!

6. Save money for you vacation by using coupons. You can make a deal to put any money saved into a "vacation account," and when you get enough saved you can start planning. Involve the whole family in looking for other ways to save as well.

7. Visit friends or family. Since I've been on the Internet, I've met people from all over the country. I also have relatives all over the country. What better way to connect then to spend your vacation with them! I love visiting my brothers and their families and I don't get to see them often. I also get free rooms! LOL!

8. Watch for discounts to the places you want to visit. We like to go to Disney World so I receive a newsletter called Mousesavers to help me find the cheapest rooms, tickets and airfare.

9. Visit local attractions. In the Garden State we are right next to NYC. There is so much to see between our state and NY. We plan to find discounted rooms and spend the night in the city, go see a show and do some window shopping. By going in the off-season because we are so close, we can save hundreds on rooms and Broadway shows.

10. Last but certainly not least, if you really cannot afford to travel, make your home a vacation spot! Ask the kids where they dream of going and convert a room of your house into a mock up of that place. We can't go to Disney this year but we have enough stuff to make our own Disney right here at home. It encourages creativity and imaginations too!

I hope my ideas are helpful to you!!

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Affordable Vacation Ideas
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