Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

In an earlier post, I talked about 10 ways to save money on Vacation.  Now in this request,  Twittermoms is asking us to talk about vacation activiteis .  My family loves to travel.  In fact, I think my kids are a bit travel spoiled! LOL!  But with the economic times the way they are, we've had to make some changes like bring breakfast from home, or eating sandwiches in the room rather than buying lunch out.  Although it's difficult, my kids (and me!) have adjusted!  This means we are still able to take the vacations we love!  I'm going to list our favorites in reverse order:

5.  My kids love to go camping with Dad (unless it's an air conditioned cabin, Mom sits this one out!!).  My hubby takes the kids fishing and they eat what they catch.  They go crabbing as well.  They love to tell ghost stories and sleep in leaky tents! LOL!  But they important thing is they are building lots of great memories. 

4. We combine our vacations with my son's travelling for his AAU basketball team.  It's like we have a vacation every weekend!! This past weekend we were in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.  Me and my daughter took in the Baltimore Aquarium, while my son and the team took in an Orioles baseball game.  We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe which has great atmosphere but mediocre food! LOL!

3.  Sometimes we like to stay local.  We are fortunate to live about 15 minutes from our local Six Flags.  Once a year we will hit the Safari and the park.  It's funny because this is something my kids talk about more than the bigger trips we take!  At the safari, it's wide open and you drive through.  You get close-ups of animals in their "natural" habitat.  Last year the giraffes came right up to the car!  It was so cool!!! My daughter talks about this more than the amusement park.

2.  One thing that we like to do when we are in an area is take in a local carnival.  A few times when we were out of town, we came upon a carnival and stopped.  Now this is not usually inexpensive but it is usually lots of fun.  We have had so many laughs playing the games and riding the rides.  We love when the carnival comes to our town too.

1.  Our favorite destination will alway be our visits to the "Mouse".  This is the one hubby sits out but me and the children never have enough of it.  My son is 16 and still enjoys going.  Two years ago he was able to go twice in one year.  In addition to doing the amusement parks, we try to find some offsite activities as well.  Sometimes we'll take in a movie or just wander around a downtown area or a smaller park.  Last time for the first time we stayed offsite.  It was really a lot nice than I expected!  Overall though, no matter where we go, no one does it quites as well as the Disney Parks!

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Whatever you do, enjoy some great family time this year!!

Love and Blessings!