Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super Nanny I am NOT!

So Monday was Columbus day and I worked from home because my kids were off. My 9 yo daughter decided to spend the day watching the Super Nanny marathon. It was culture shock for her! LOL! One child called the mom a B-word. She looked at me wide eyed and said Mommy, I'm shocked, did you hear what he said! I'd be dead! All his mom did was wash his mouth out with soap!

Now I am not a spanker by any stretch of the imagination, but using the B-word is just not tolerated in this house. I got upset when I learned what Sugar Honey Iced Tea stood for in Madagascar!!! (Yeah the kid's movie). Although I was tickled at my daughter's reaction to the show, I wonder sometimes, why aren't my children like that?

I believe there are a few reasons:

  1. Our family foundation lies in Christ. He is the Head of our family and that is what we teach our children. We are never away from His presence.
  2. My children have a strong male influence in their life, my husband, my dad, their uncle. I think this as important for my daughter as well as my son. I'm NOT that women cannot or do not raise wonderful children alone. I'm saying that in OUR family it has been a blessing.
  3. My children have boundaries appropriate for their age. They've had them since they were old enough to understand. Because of this, they knew when they crossed the line and knew that they would be disciplined.
  4. My children are raised by a "village." Their parents, grandparents, church family, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins are all active in their lives. They know that they are loved and supported. They know that they are prayed for.
What are you thoughts on this? What do you think makes GOOD children? Are all children inherently good and need to be taught to bring that goodness out? That's what I like about Super Nanny, she brings out the goodness in children! By the way, my daughter says I'm much nicer than Super Nanny! LOL!