Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Makes A Good Book Review

Hi readers!

I'm starting to read a lot more since the weather is getting cooler. I don't like the cold and I know I won't be outside much! LOL!

I was wondering, what in a book review helps you decide if you are going to read the book or not? I belong to a site called Goodreads, my current reading list in on the sidebar. Once I finish reading a book, I like to post a good review. Do you like general reviews or more specific reviews (like character, plot, setting)? Also do you care if there are spoilers in the review? On Goodreads, I can mark if it has spoilers, not sure if that will carry over to the blog? If you are a book reviewer, what are somethings you've found helpful to prepare you for writing a review?

Thanks for all of your input!